Friday, January 16, 2015

A Secret Room And A Waterfall

In which I say please, please, do yourself a favor and go do what makes you feel this way:

When I write anything, at first, it's always loose ends and half baked plans.

I have this vague idea, this beginning, and I know that I must write to find out for myself, how it's going to look. What comes next, it's a discovery for me, just as much as you.

 I had one of those vague ideas this week: I wanted to tell you why you should start writing again, if you are writer. Or if not, why you should at least give it a try.

Because when I write, the world simultaneously calms down, comes into focus, and also grows loud and colorful and epic.

When I write, I remember what I am always forgetting. What is most important: God, and other people. They matter most when I write.

I write to stare my problems in the face and fight them, flesh them out.

But I also write to forget about my problems, get lost in another time, place, memory.

When I write, my thoughts stretch beyond myself. To think of something other than myself is a relief to myself, ironically.

When I write, I have the ability to step back, when I am cranky, depressed, hurtful to others, and look at myself and say "OK, where did you go wrong? What needs to change?"

I am pulling open a door inside my head. To a place: It's bursting with color, grief, fire, joy, pain.

And I open myself up, and the raw emotion.

 I let myself feel in there. There are  no walls guarding me. I am exposed and real and the truest I will ever be. I am honest.

When I write I am a vulnerable, yet unstoppable and intelligent. I have touched the world of souls and thoughts and emotions, things that I can't feel on my finger tips or hold in my arms. Something I can't buy.

I am heart pounding, I am grand worlds filled with incredible things.

I am quiet contentment, in all its fullness and flavor.

And when I need to, I close that door as much I can and focus on the rest of the world. I have a job, I have responsibilities and important people to be with. But that door... it's always open a crack, lighting up how I speak, what I do.  When I don't write, it does shut...almost all the way. And then things get dusty and boring and sleepy

When I write I can't do it fast enough. It's like my thoughts are a waterfall, and I am standing at the bottom, getting drenched. Catching only a fraction in a jar. I am aware of the other water racing by me, it's loud and wet and pelts me relentlessly. But for all of me, I can't catch it. And like a waterfall, it will never be the same way twice.

You who write will just get it.

It's why the artist paints. The reader reads. It why we create and build and brainstorm.

Being creative, putting together something, editing, and, in the case of a blog post, adding some pictures for interest, changing up fonts and word turns something on up there. It lights things up.

It is a gift to be fully enjoyed.  God gave us this. How dull things would be otherwise! 

So, go write.

Go wake up that delightful brain of yours, and write.

About whatever pops into your head at the moment.

About something you are struggling with.

About something you are thankful for.

About anything.

Who cares if anyone reads it? I try to keep that mentality when blogging:

I don't care if anyone reads it, I am just glad I wrote it.

(By the way when you guys do show that you have read it, it makes it that much more special. I do love getting responses.)

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