The Girl

In which you find out who the curious girl is.

She is Twenty.

A home School Graduate.

Music lover.

Book lover.

Amateur Writer.


She is a bit of an introvert, but she doesn't mind a good, intelligent conversation, where both of us are un-apologetically us. Then she won't shut up.

She likes cats.

And tea.

And running.

And cookie dough.

Rainy days.

She likes making other people laugh really hard.

Taking walks and being outside in Gods awesome creation.

Vintage typewriters.


More music.

Sunny mornings.


And really smart people.

Player of anything and everything violin. Fiddle, Celtic, classical, electric...

Violins, guys. Violins.

She works at a pizzeria. 

And just a few other things:





Three sisters.

Two Brother-in-laws.

One niece.

Two nephews. 

Most of all, you should know that she is fallen, imperfect, and mercifully saved by a perfect God.

Hello there. I'm Jillian. A pondering blondie.