Friday, February 6, 2015

Ladies and Gents, We Are Now In Overdrive

In which, I go too fast.

Once upon a time, in the year 2014, there was a blondie who got extremely bored.

And I mean like depressed, life is pointless, don't care anymore, what's wrong with me, bored.

Life was empty. Stupidly, she turned to overinflated, commercial, material stuff. Clothes and "toys" and technology and literal...stuff. Things. Objects. She didn't even know why.

She lost the passionate fire to further Gods kingdom, and she really, really wanted that flame back. She couldn't get the sparkly eyed self she used to be back. She wanted her current self to slide back into the the excited person she used to be, only two or three years before.

So, that blustery December of '14, she decided to start thinking again. She dusted off the old mind machine, and started writing and reading. She started loving people, began to get excited again.

Then, the ideas started pouring in.

Oh, man, I need to do a study about that. Short story, I've got an idea for a good short story. No, make that five short stories. Hmmm, I could stand to do a self examination on post, I gotta write a blog post about that. Whoa...I love people. Life changed. Man, I need to read the whole Bible like, today. Ooh, a novel, I'm gonna write a novel. I have such a cool idea for this novel! No, no, make that a trilogy. Three books. I have to write three books. Questions, I got questions. About life and the Bible and beliefs and history and science and love and prayer and God and...



She went into overdrive mode, thinking about concepts and ideas and stories and philosophies. Dreams and plans a resolutions came at her, rapid fire. 

It felt like too much to organize. Her own head couldn't  handle her own head. She couldn't stop. It was like a conveyer belt in a chocolate factory...those sweet thoughts were getting by her too quickly, so she grabbed them, stuffed them anywhere she could on her person, and tried to hold on to them for later.

But, she wouldn't have it any other way. She refuses to back to the way it was before. She just needs to learn how to slow down a little.

Have you guys ever seen that famous chocolate factory scene? Watch it. Just. Watch it. I am Lucy. I am so Lucy. My brain is that silly conveyer belt with the chocolate. At first, " Oh, I got this. This is fun." Then, "too much, just grab it, stuff it in!" I cracked myself up. So stinkin' accurate.


  1. Yes, Jillian; I've seen that episode! It was hilarious! Loved this post! :D
    - Becca Lee

  2. Hehehe, that's my favorite episode from I Love Lucy. ;)
    Have you seen the wax flowers one? That one is hilarious too!

    1. I have seen every single episode of I Love Lucy. The wax flowers...that was a good one!