Monday, February 9, 2015

Obsession With Sounds

In which I make my first attempt at being a teacher.

Being the overachieving little lady that I am,

 I decided to start a blog twice a week, make new years resolutions, work part time, take self defense classes twice a week, take violin lessons,  AND do three six week online college courses on music from Berklee college of music in Boston.

So I'm getting two things done at once today.  This is the assignment from week 1 of the "Introduction To Music Production" course. I briefly (I was required to keep it under five minutes) overview some basics of sound and audio. The purpose is to teach others, and through teaching, learn more myself.

So here it is.

 Please...enjoy. Learn a little something new today.

This was my very first time putting together a presentation like this, so I figured it out as I went along. I have to say, it was actually easier than I thought it would be. I am anticipating feedback from my fellow classmates soon.

I am enjoying it all, although sometimes I do feel like I have no idea what I am doing.

I LOVE music, though, and with this I hope to greatly expand my musical world, opportunities, and experiences.

And on that note (pun intended) I leave you to go start week 2 of said classes.

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  1. I really enjoyed this, Jillian! It was fascinating to me! I did learn something! :D Thanks for sharing it. - Becca Lee